Tragedies with an editorial perspective

Jared Loughner: Who’s at fault?

As with every tragedy, the shooting in Tucson involving Jared Lee Loughner is making people think about who is to blame. Many people are wondering if the college that Loughner had been attending (Pima Community College) should have done something more after expelling him to warn the community of the danger he may pose. The school did try to tell Loughner that he should get by help by telling them that he could not return to school until he had received a mental health evaluation. I don’t agree with editorials like that in the Washington Post that push blame toward the school in saying that it should have done more. The school did the right thing by expelling him. The editorial mentioned that the school also updated their procedures with dealing with troubled students before the shooting but stuck that into the last paragraph as if it was less important. It’s not fair to Pima Community College to question them when they did all that they knew to do. I agree that the tragedy in Tuscon needs to be used to help build better follow-through programs for mentally-disturbed students, but how could Pima Community College have known what was going to happen? It’s easy to say they should have done something now because, of course, hindsight is always 20/20.


How to progress in Haiti

The New York Times had a great editorial about the progress that Haiti needs to make to move forward from last year’s devastating earthquake. Too often, a tragedy of that magnitude receives a lot of coverage when it first occurs but after a few months the coverage dwindles and people forget about it. Haiti hasn’t forgotten and an editorial like this reminds people that even though Haiti isn’t on the news every day, it still has a long way to go to recover from the earthquake and the destruction it caused.


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