It’s Time for Some Class

Anyone who spends a lot of time with me will know that I am losing faith in humanity. That may be sort of an exaggeration but it’s not far from the truth. These feelings stem from a variety of reasons. From people who speak much too loud on their cell phone while you’re in a waiting room to the current situation with Congress, I can often be heard asking nobody in particular, “What is this world coming to?” But then I get distracted and move on with my life. Tonight however, I reached a conclusion: This world needs more class.

I’m not the biggest fan of television shows like “Jersey Shore” but I can understand the appeal. While it may not reflect too well on the Italian community from New Jersey, the GTL-loving “guidos” are fist pumping their way into the hearts of young people all over the country. I guess some people just find it entertaining to watch a grown adult make a mess of themselves with the help of alcohol and stereotypes.  Though as obnoxious as I find “Jersey Shore,” MTV’s new show “Skins” takes the marijuana-laced cake when it comes to class-less television.

“Skins” is about teenagers living their everyday lives, but high as a kite and dumb as a doornail. The show takes sexual promiscuity, drug use, pornography, prostitution, driving under the influence, and so much more and puts it all into one hour of “Did that seriously just happen?” Now, I’m not preaching about the dangers of drugs and alcohol (though they are dangerous, kids. Don’t do it.) I’m merely wondering if the teenagers in this country really need more things like “Skins” that are going to push them toward a meaningless life of bad choices and rehabilitation centers? I say no and apparently I’m not the only one. Taco Bell feels the same way. The fast food franchise announced they would be pulling ads during the time which “Skins” airs.  Legal issues have also been raised because of the young age of the actors and “Skins'” explicit content.

I understand that “Skins” is supposed to be edgy and show a “realistic” part of teenagers in America but the show just goes too far, particularly when (Spoiler alert, if you care) a teenage boy unknowingly drives his entire group of friends into a body of water and completely submerges the vehicle. Each kid appears above the surface and starts laughing. Apparently the only real tragedy here is the $900 bag of pot that is now lost in the watery abyss.

MTV has had their share of good and bad television programming but “Skins” is definitely part of the latter. The show lacks class of any form which does not bode well with me. I really wish I could stop the millions of teenagers that will tune in again next week from doing so, but I can’t. My hope is that the teenagers who watch the show will disregard the terrible life lessons that “Skins” puts forth and gain some class of their own.


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3 responses to “It’s Time for Some Class

  • blumemr

    I didn’t know anything about this show because I don’t have MTV on my cable, but MTV is known for some poorly thought out t.v. Here is a funny clip about this topic I saw on Conan.

  • natebski

    Haven’t watched the show but the commercials made me want to stop watching MTV altogether. MTV isn’t the only channel doing this though. My girlfriend’s nine year old brother is always watching the Disney or Nickelodeon channel and the stuff that they allow on these channels shocks me. I can’t believe the tv shows America’s youth is growing up on these days!

  • Ralph Hanson

    There’s been quite a bit written about advertisers fleeing the show. And without advertisers…..

    Is this a stand alone piece, or are you building toward an editorial. If so, what kind of policy are you going to be arguing for?

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