I Love the Oscars

I love award shows. There’s just something about seeing celebrities dressed to the nines and ready to accept awards they may or may not deserve. The Oscars are like my Super Bowl. Every year, on some Sunday in February, I sit down with my snack of choice to watch the Annual Academy Awards. That honestly is my idea of a good time. Whether that makes me “lame” or not is beside the point. I know there are millions of other people doing the exact same thing.

I wasn’t able to see the Oscar nominations announced this morning so I watched them this afternoon. I have to say my main disappointment was Christopher Nolan being snubbed for Inception in the Best Director category. Inception was definitely my favorite film this year and seeing as Nolan’s directing was a main reason why it was so brilliant, I think he deserves an Academy Award or least the possibility for one. I know that Inception is nominated for eight other Academy Awards but when I walked out of the theater each of the three times after seeing it, I remember thanking Christopher Nolan for the experience, thus why he should have been nominated for Best Director. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences can at least give Inception the award for Best Cinematography. I’ll feel a little better if that happens.

My love for the Academy Awards goes back to my middle school years when I was really into acting and fell in love with the Lord of the Rings films. I was extremely excited in 2004 when Return of the King tied for most Academy Awards of all time with 11 (tying Titanic and Ben Hur). The next year I had the opportunity to meet one of the recipients.

(Photo from imdb.com) Michael Semanick (second from left) holding one of his two Academy Awards.

Michael Semanick, a sound re-recording mixer for such films as Toy Story 3, Alice in Wonderland, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, just happened to graduate from Antioch High School (in Antioch, CA), which I attended for one year.  When I was a freshman he came back to AHS to talk to drama students about his experiences in the film industry. He also happened to bring his first Academy Award that he won for Return of the King (he won his second in 2006 for King Kong) and passed it around while telling us about what it’s like to attend the Oscars. I was definitely in awe of this guy. I don’t remember much of what he talked about or the question that I asked him but I do recall how enthralled I was with everything that he said, while my friend next to me just wanted to know what was for lunch. He is also nominated this year for The Social Network so obviously I am rooting for him. Plus, the sound really was phenomenal in that movie.

It may not be the cool thing to sit at home on a Sunday night and watch the 83rd Academy Awards but that’s what I’ll be doing on February 27. If you’d like to join, come on over…but bring your own snack.


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