One Person’s Beef With Taco Bell’s Beef

I was flipping through USA Today this morning and came across this ad for Taco Bell attempting to address the allegations that their taco meat filling contains only 35 percent real beef.

Apparently a California woman is suing Taco Bell because she believes that Taco Bell’s ads are false advertising because they claim they are using “seasoned ground beef” when what they should be saying is “taco meat filling.”

As is evident in this ad, Taco Bell denies these allegations. They say that they’re ground beef is 88 percent beef and 12 percent “secret recipe.”

I think it’s a good idea for Taco Bell to address these rumors but they should probably stop saying “other ingredients” when explaining the secret recipe. That automatically makes me think that they’re trying to hide something.

Honestly though, this whole thing just seems so crazy. I’ve been a vegetarian for 2 1/2 years so I don’t really care about the beef content in any taco meat filling, and the ironic part of all of this is that I found out about this story through a tweet by PETA. They are pleased that Taco Bell’s beef isn’t completely beef since that means less cows have to die. What I don’t understand is why people are even really having these concerns. It’s Taco Bell. You can get a taco for under a dollar. Obviously, the ingredients aren’t going to be like those of a 5-star restaurant. The woman that sued should really just look on the bright side. At least she wasn’t the person that found skin in his sandwich or mucus in his coffee.


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2 responses to “One Person’s Beef With Taco Bell’s Beef

  • blumemr

    I totally agree with this. There was a lot of debate about whether Taco Bell should increase their Public Relations response. I think this ad does a great job addressing the issues about their meat in a light hearted ad. Taco Bell is seriously so cheap, that you can’t expect all meat, it would be too expensive otherwise. I believe their is new legislation coming out that you have to provide full lists of ingredients in food items for customers anyway, so the truth was going to come out. I’m really not concerned, but it will be interesting to see Taco Bell’s sales as this continues. This might even make it into Dr. Terry’s PR class someday!

  • jeffbabl

    I remember Dr. Hanson tweeting about Taco Bell maybe pulling a Dominos PR stragegy and completing redoing their product and making positve commercials about it. One of my friends made a hilarious comment about the taco bell situation. The beef may not be real, but the diarrhea is.

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