Sex Ed in School

A new bill was introduced that would require Nebraska public schools to have comprehensive sex education classes. Schools would have to teach students about FDA approved contraceptive methods and be unbiased toward sexually active students or students of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

I think this is a great idea. I don’t understand why many schools only teach abstinence education. It just doesn’t make sense to me. Schools exist to educate students, not to only give them one side of the story. Students should know the facts about sex. Parents shouldn’t be so afraid that their kids are going to go out and have sex the minute they know what it is. Sure, some may, but teens are going to learn about it some way and wouldn’t parents rather it be in an educational environment?

It’s important to note that I’m not revealing whether I promote premarital sex or not. I am only stating my opinion on the issue of sex education. I don’t want to sound hypocritical in reference to my last post about the scandalous Skins. That brings up a good point actually. One reason why I believe that Skins is a terrible show is because it doesn’t give both sides of the story. It only shows the fun life that these kids lead and glamorizes their bad decisions. Teen sex is a serious issue and ignorance by way of schools is not a good way to address the problem.


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5 responses to “Sex Ed in School

  • Ralph Hanson

    Think about what the arguments are about why teaching contraception in school does or does not have value. Does it delay onset of sexual activity? Does it lower rates of pregnancy?

  • Kristen Friesen

    Weird, because, when I attended high school in Lincoln (1984-1989), we had a pretty thorough sex education unit in health class — complete with introduction to contraceptives. And, since kindergarten, my three children have been receiving small pieces of a program designed to introduce kids to a gradually increasing (and age-appropriate) bit of information each year (i.e. introducing kindergartners to the concept of safe touching). Anyway, this doesn’t really seem like a new M.O. Maybe it’s different depending upon the school district?

    • sambates

      I think the bill intends to make it more of a standard for all Nebraska schools to follow because it does differ by school district. The article that I linked to says that most Nebraska districts have an abstinence-focused curriculum. I intend to do more in-depth research as I develop my editorial. Thanks for the personal input!

  • skylardyan

    In my school we never got sex education. We had health class (by the time we were 14-15) and once we got to that chapter it was, “answer the questions as fast as possible and move to the next chapter on exercising.” I think it’s important to teach kids something, a lot of parents don’t feel comfortable telling their kids anything. Mine didn’t. But I think it’s important to teach kids all aspects, and especially before they are 14…

  • jeffbabl

    I think it’s important to have sex ed. I remember back in freshman year of high school, and how akward it was learning about all the STD’s and contraceptive methods. But I’m glad I did because it helped me become aware of the dangers of sex and how to avoid them. Personally it did not encourage me to have sex at all, in fact the pictures were so grotesque that it had the opposite effect.

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