Why Hate Justin Bieber?

I have yet to see an answer to the above question that has any justification. Normally it goes something like: “Justin Bieber sucks!” or “He is stupid and a girl!”–something along those lines. The people that say these things definitely haven’t caught the so-called Bieber fever.

Recently, pop sensation Justin Bieber was at a New York Knicks game. He was shown on the big screen and was met with a round of boos from the crowd. Really, people? You’re going to boo a 16-year-old kid for no good reason? He was just trying to enjoy a basketball game.

Don’t think I’m some crazy Bieber worshiper because I’m definitely not. I give my roommates crap all the time for listening to his music but that doesn’t mean I hate the kid. He’s really done nothing that I can hate him for.I’m not a big fan of his music but I can admit that he’s got talent. He obviously cares about what he’s doing and he knows not to disappoint his fans by making stupid choices…or at least he hasn’t yet. That’s probably the best thing about him in my opinion. He’s a great role model for the kids that adore him. He knows what to say and when to say it.

I’ve seen him on Saturday Night Live a couple of times and I actually thought his skits were fairly funny.

Whether you love or leave him, Justin Bieber is a good kid, so either stop hating on him or give a good reason for why you do.


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