Local/University Editorial Ideas

1) Academic cheating: I wrote one post about this already but I could go more in-depth with it and apply it more to UNK. I don’t know who I could talk to or who would be able to talk to me about the specifics of cheating at UNK. It would be interesting to know about anyone that has been kicked out for cheating. I really think this is a big problem that a lot of people really just ignore, especially teachers.

2)UNK  Meal plans: I still live on campus and my biggest complaint is the amount of money I waste on food. I pay for 21 meals a week that are literally impossible for me to take full advantage of. Chartwells has obviously spent a lot of money on updates to their appearance and food and while that makes the experience of getting food a bit better, the fact that I’m wasting my money during every meal that I don’t get at the school is a much bigger concern to me.


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6 responses to “Local/University Editorial Ideas

  • skylardyan

    I think the two things UNK students complain about most is parking and chartwell’s and I think that says something. If students complain about on campus food, then there’s something seriously wrong. Sure, cafeteria food isn’t always the greatest, but even when i lived on campus everything tasted the same there, and it didn’t have a taste. I remember one time i got pizza and it was warm, although the dough hadn’t been cooked. I’m surprised they haven’t had law-suits for people getting sick yet.
    I think that’s a great editorial and i really think it’s interesting. People are going to want to read about food, who doesn’t?

  • blumemr

    I think if your doing campus food you should certainly focus on the Meal Plan not the food quality. If you have a 21 meal plan that means 3 times 7 days a week and I didn’t even think campus was open to get food all 7 days of the week. I also read in the HUB that bcause tuition was being raised 5% (?) that they were bringing back the 10 meal plan as an option, which is what I had when I lived on campus.

  • jeffbabl

    The meal plans here are terrible. You have one hour to use your Sunday night (21st) meal or you lose it. The hours are out of whack. The staff are unfriendly and largely lazy; most are international and struggle with orders. The transfer rates are ridiculous – I can eat upstairs at a buffet, but down stairs I can’t even get a slice of pizza and a drink without having to pay additional money. The 10 meals is the best option but they took that from us. If you don’t use your meal, you are not refunded. Because of this, I literally took out student loans to not eat food. And finally the food is god awful. When I go and eat a homecook meal I feel like I’ve deprived myself of food. I could rant forver about this, but I’m out of ideas – if I think of anymore I will be sure to comment again.

  • kristenfriesen

    I think the cafeteria food would make a good topic if you could present some good solutions. Otherwise, it might just sound like whining. It’s definitely universal, though, because I thought the same things 20 years ago when I attended school in Missouri — which is why I lived on Captain Crunch. That being said, I’m even more interested in the idea of cheating. What is the policy (if there is even just one)? What are the stakes? Should they be more or less lenient? How do teachers guard against it, or are they sometimes just setting themselves up for it?

  • Ralph Hanson

    Ah, food and parking. Universal college subjects. Good thing I have a ban on my students writing about parking…

    So, what would your policy claim be about Chartwells?

    • sambates

      I just want to clarify that I wouldn’t be writing about the quality of the food because I don’t find that as big of a deal.

      I haven’t nailed down what my specific policy claim would be but it would be my suggestion on how to give students a better value for their food plan.

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