Oh, the Weather Outside is Delightful

To quote the immortal words of Sesame Street: “Sunny day. Sweepin’ the clouds away. On my way to where to air is sweet.”

There’s something about sunshine and a nice breeze that makes  my day so much better. All I want to do is go for a walk but usually I’m stuck in class or at work. Apparently about half of my economics class felt the same way today because they didn’t feel the need to come to class. My professor wasn’t too happy about that.

Psychiatrists have said that nice weather can have a positive effect on a person’s mood and I’d have to agree. It was in the mid-60’s today which for me is as close to perfect as weather can get. My roommates would have preferred another 20 degrees added onto that. Not me. I like being able to wear a sweatshirt if I want to but will also be okay without one.

It’s been said that those that live in warmer climates don’t really get affected by the changing temperatures because they don’t experience the really harsh winters. Is this why I am so deeply affected by even slightly warmer temperatures, while my friends are waiting until higher temps to show any excitement? Let me explain. I grew up in Roswell, NM, where it was 86 degrees today. I may not be very fond of high temperatures but that’s what I grew up with. I think that when the weather here warms even slightly I start to feel more at home. I’ve lived in Nebraska for the past five years so I’ve become pretty accustomed to the ever-changing weather of Nebraska but I still go back to the weather that I know best. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the winter. Snow honestly just makes me smile (until I have to go out in it). However, there’s something about the bright, warm sun that makes everything A-OK.



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One response to “Oh, the Weather Outside is Delightful

  • jeffbabl

    What I love about Nebraska weather is the dramatic switches it can go through in just a matter days. Last week it was below zero and blowing snow and the last few days have been upper sixties and no wind. You can use the air conditioner one hour and later that day have the heat full blast. Everything from blizzards to tornados, hail to flooding, we’ve got it all. In the summer 60 degrees is bitterly cold but in the winter is shorts and tanktop weather. Nebraska….the good life, and wacky weather.

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