My Oscar Picks

I’ve already posted about my obsession with the Oscars so it’s only fitting that I make known my choices for tomorrow’s 83rd Annual Academy Awards. Here are my picks for who will take home the top honors. (* indicates I haven’t seen this film.)


Best Picture: Black Swan; The Fighter; Inception; The Kids Are All Right; The King’s Speech; 127 Hours*; The Social Network; Toy Story 3; True Grit; Winter’s Bone
My pick: I honestly believe that Inception was the best movie because of its thrilling and complex plot. However, I don’t believe it’s going to win. The King’s Speech will take home the top honors. It surprised me and I’m sure many other people by being a breakout hit. All of its hype will translate into votes from Academy members. It’s such a sweet movie, though, that I will applaud its win as much as I would a win for Inception.

Actor in a Leading Role: Javier Bardem (Biutiful*); Jeff Bridges (True Grit); Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network); Colin Firth (The King’s Speech); James Franco (127 Hours*)
My pick: Colin Firth, hands down. His performance as the stammering king was heartfelt and extremely personal.

Actor in a Supporting Role: Christian Bale (The Fighter); John Hawkes (Winter’s Bone); Jeremy Renner (The Town); Mark Ruffalo (The Kids Are All Right); Geoffrey Rush (The King’s Speech)
My pick: The Fighter gave Christian Bale an opportunity to try his hand at portraying a cocaine-addict boxer which he did in a spectacular fashion. From his gaunt face to his insane antics, I couldn’t tear myself away from him any time he was on screen.

Actress in a Leading Role: Annette Bening (The Kids Are All Right); Nicole Kidman (Rabbit Hole*); Jennifer Lawrence (Winter’s Bone); Natalie Portman (Black Swan); Michell Williams (Blue Valentine*)
My pick: While Black Swan was not my favorite film of the bunch, Natalie Portman is the clear choice here. She was creepy and naive, and her dancing was obviously something she had taken a long time to perfect for the film.

Actress in a Supporting Role: Amy Adams (The Fighter); Helena Bonham Carter (The King’s Speech); Melissa Leo (The Fighter); Hailee Steinfeld (True Grit); Jack Weaver (Animal Kingdom*)
My pick: The choice between Hailee Steinfeld and Melissa Leo is extremely tough but I choose Melissa Leo. She was highly believable and I absolutely could not stand her at points during The Fighter which showed that I completely was able to see her as her character. Hailee Steinfeld was fantastic as Mattie Ross but I couldn’t help but think about her as an actress during the length of the movie.

Animated Feature Film: How to Train Your Dragon; The Illusionist*; Toy Story 3
My pick: First off, I want to know where Despicable Me is? That would have been my pick. With that being said, I think this race is the toughest for me to choose. I’m not considering The Illusionist because I didn’t see it so I can’t judge how it will fare, though I wouldn’t dismiss it. It could pull through and be the upset of the night. When considering who I think will win I had to look at How to Train Your Dragon and Toy Story 3 as films by themselves. So by taking Toy Story 3‘s two prequels away, I don’t think it stands up against How to Train Your Dragon. I just hope voters think the same way.

So there are six of my picks. I’ve chosen one for each category, so if you’re curious what they are, comment below. Let me know what your picks are, too.


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4 responses to “My Oscar Picks

  • blumemr

    I love “How to Train a Dragon.” It has an excellent plot line that has never been done before, and a great ending (the kid loses his leg, it’s great). For actress in a leading role I like Annette Benning for the “Kids are alright.” It’s a really interesting movie and Annette Benning plays a great lesbian, mom, wife, and lover of wine (alcoholic). I’m interested to see who wins.

  • jeffbabl

    I actually agree with you about Toy Story 3. It wasn’t the best made film but it carried the momentum from the first two films. I would go with Toy Story first glance but now that you bring this up I would give it to How to train Dragon.

    I loved the Toy Story Trilogy. But that’s not what is going up for the Oscar it’s just the third and final film. Our age group had an emotional attachment to the series. Andy was a kid when we were and the first two films were amazing. The final one where he was going to college, was when we were in college. I caught myself getting mad at all the eight year olds at the theatre because Buzz and Woody were mine, not theres! In the end it was a good way to end the Toy Story series, even though I can’t get over the fact that Andy gives his toys away to some loudmouth girl.

  • Ralph Hanson

    I really liked How To Train Your Dragon, though it did bug me to have Vikings with Scottish accents. Would have been my choice for the winner.

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