Boy Band Flashback

As I write this my roommate is just outside my bedroom door busting a move to the likes of ‘N Sync, complete with a Justin Timberlake impression. If you find that odd, you should see the other antics that go on around here. But I digress.

My childhood was defined by obsessions. From Winnie the Pooh to Lord of the Rings, I had an obsession for every stage of my life until the age of 15. When I was 9 my life was taken over by the pop group ‘N Sync and they remained a constant part of my everyday life until I was probably about 12 or 13. It didn’t help that my older sister was also a big fan so she would make me VHS tapes with clips of talk shows that they’d been on and other things like that. She’s also the reason that I got to see them in concert when I was 11. We were in the tenth row. That’s still one of my best memories.

You can only imagine my shock when I found out in 2006 that Lance Bass was gay. He was the one that I absolutely adored. 

I reveal these things not because I wish to be known as a former ‘N Sync freak but because watching my roommate dance to “Tearin’ Up My Heart” made me think about how my obsessions in life really shaped me. At one point I had my entire room covered in magazine clippings of ‘N Sync, the cast of Friends and Lord of the Rings. Today I still have pictures on my wall but now it’s The Beatles and a poster for “How to Kill a Mockingbird.” When I was younger I obsessed over every little thing that dealt with the people that I adored. I haven’t abandoned that sense of dedication. It translated into my work ethic. I’m a perfectionist and I always have to have something the best that it can be before I’m done with it.

Now excuse me while I turn my iTunes up as loud as it goes, listening to “No Strings Attached.” It really is the small things in life.


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