I am very fortunate. I only get sick about once a year, but when it hits me, it’s a steamroller.

At this moment, I am congested, coughing, achy, and basically every other symptom that the DayQuil commercial says it treats. If only I had stocked up before now.

But I shouldn’t be too hard on myself. I thought I was done for the year with the sicknesses. About two weeks ago, I had all of the same symptoms. Fortunately, it happened on  a weekend so I slept through the worst of it and toughed out the prolonged sore throat and runny nose for the next few days. How was I to know that my lessening symptoms were only fooling me? For they have now returned with full fervor.

Unlike two weeks ago, this bout of sickishness comes at a less opportune time: a Thursday. I trudged to work at 7 a.m. and met the snot-nosed cuties that are probably responsible for my ailment to begin with. By 8, I was strongly regretting that decision. By 9, I knew it would not be a good idea to go to class today and went home to hopefully sleep through my pounding headache. That didn’t happen. Shortly after reserving a seat on the couch I realized I had a mid-term that I had to finish today. Lucky me. I’m hoping my illness proved inspirational and provided me with answers I could’ve never otherwise constructed.

While painfully sitting at my desk instead of the couch today, I couldn’t help but wonder: Wouldn’t it be great if we could plan when these inconveniences take over our lives? That way I could schedule being sick for when it is best for me. “Is the flu available around the end of May? Splendid. Pencil me in.” If only.


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One response to “Blegh…

  • dodgees

    Sam, I totally agree. Not only could you schedule illness for less busy times, but you could also do the opposite. If you have a presentation you don’t want to give or an assignment you don’t finish you could just schedule a fever. Imagine how useful that would have been in high school.

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