Be a Good Sport

A goal scored at a home game by the Tri-City Storm hockey team will result in the following chant from the crowd: “He shoots. He scores. Hey goalie, YOU SUCK! Like a Hoover!” Maybe it’s not the goalie that sucks. 

From kindergarten to fifth grade I played in a youth soccer league and one of the things that my coach ingrained in all of his players was a sense of sportsmanship. We were taught to never speak ill of the other team and to always hope for the best performance from our opponents because if they’re not trying their hardest, we don’t deserve to win. Though I was only in soccer for 6 years, those teachings have stayed with me.

Is it weird to feel bad for the opposing team at a Storm game when the crowd is yelling at them? I realize that our team probably encounters the same thing during away games but it just doesn’t seem necessary.

What happened to the Golden Rule? I wouldn’t want to be treated that way, so I don’t treat others that way. There’s being competitive and there’s being rude. I’m extremely competitive and I want my opponent to be on their game, not feeling dejected.


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3 responses to “Be a Good Sport

  • jeffbabl

    It’s actually not poor sportsmanship. The he shoots,scores, goalie you suck chant is said by every crowd in the USHL and many other leagues. The goalies expect it and doesn’t phase them at all. They’d likely be surprised not to hear. It’s just an aspect about hockey that makes it so great. Along with goal lights/horns, fights, and body checking.

  • Ralph Hanson

    Tim Howard has been the goalie for a major British soccer team and has Tourette’s syndrome. His *fans* chant the following:

    Tim timminy
    Tim timminy
    Tim Tim Tirooo
    We’ve got Tim Howard
    and he says F*CK YOU!!

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