Not Laughing

Fans of The Hangover probably cheered when they heard Zach Galifianakis would be hosting Saturday Night Live. I was one of them. A day later, I’m wishing I hadn’t wasted that hour and a half.

I’m a fan of SNL. It gets a bad rap these days for not being as funny, but I continue to tune in every week because I believe that it is funny. Of course, it has its bad moments, and boy are they bad, but overall, I enjoy the show. Not this week though. I very rarely turn a show off before it’s over for fear that I may regret it, but yesterday, I almost did just that.

The sad part is, Zach Galifianakis is funny. I just don’t get why the writers didn’t use him to his full potential. His monologue was the best part of the entire show. It was all downhill after that. For once, the monologue wasn’t an awkward “I’m a celebrity but I suck at public speaking” monologue. He basically just did his stand-up routine which was brilliant with unconnected thoughts and an Annie musical number.

The only other part I found amusing was the “Zach Looks For A New Assistant Sketch,” but that was more of a “that was cute” kind of funny.

I noticed throughout the show that I wasn’t the only person not laughing. It seemed like the studio audience as a little short of laughs also. Combined with multiple stumbles from cast members, as well as technical difficulties, last week’s show was ripe with sub-par comedy. I’m just hoping they get their act together before the April 2 show with Elton John. The “Rocket Man” deserves better.


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2 responses to “Not Laughing

  • dodgees

    It’s tough to see Zach down like this. I’ve been a fan since his Casablanca remake in 2001, Out Cold. I guess it’s what I would expect from SNL. That show is nowhere near as funny as it used to be, but I will admit I’ve caught some funny skits over the year. Who can forget Justin Timberlake’s d*ck in a box skit, or Payton Manning playing pickup football with kids.

  • Ralph Hanson

    What about his stand up worked? Why is SNL failing? Is it the writers? Is it the cast?

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