Stop reading the script and help me!

I’ve spent about 2 hours today on the phone with a particular phone company’s customer service helpline. This type of torture should be reserved for the lowest form of miscreants that walk the earth.

I’m not a fan of yelling at somebody that’s just trying to do their job because I’ve been that somebody and let me tell you, it sucks. However, I’m also not a fan of the bogus lines that they feed me when they finally answer the phone. “Hi, my name is Rachel. May I have your phone number, social security number, birthday and first born child?” (The first born child bit is what I felt like adding.) This is followed by an obviously scripted conversation thanking me for every piece of information that I give them and asking me to “please wait while I input that information into my system…Thank you for waiting. What can I assist you with today?” Only to find out that they can’t assist me. Well I just wasted half my day. Why couldn’t I have just asked the question first?

The scripts that these customer service reps have to follow are ridiculous. I would rather have someone be genuinely helpful than artificially polite. I talked to four different people today and the only person that was of any help was a guy who strayed from his script. He realized I was frustrated and actually talked to me. Unfortunately, we got disconnected so I was left with two hours lost and nothing accomplished. Next time I think I’ll just mail them a letter.


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6 responses to “Stop reading the script and help me!

  • skylardyan

    My favorite part is when they say, “Hi, my name is John. How can I help you?” with a very very thick indian or foreign accent. John? That’s not their name!

  • blumemr

    At my house we have Charter and when the internet is down and we call we always the automated voice (annoying) my room mate and I began this routine where we make wierd noises. The automated voice will say please repeat I’m having trouble understanding and after several more innappropriate noises we finally get transferred to a real person. It works like a charm.

  • Ralph Hanson

    I have found that if I tweet about problems I’m having with Charter, I get a better response than if I call. Of course, you need an alternative source of internet if you need to complain about the internet being out….

  • Rocio Irun

    The same happened to me yesterday. i called verizon because they were charging me for some calls that they were not supposed to be and the guy that answered didn’t even pay attention at what i WAS SAYING. He stayed in silence and i had to keep telling him. Do you understand me? and he said -Yes, i do. And he kept reading the script… I got really mad. I think this people don’t have any motivation doing their work apart from being formal, keep to the script and that’s it. After one hour I was back to the starting point. No idea about why I was being charged for certain calls…I decided to go online and check my account there.

  • Kristen Friesen

    I think that, most of the time, they haven’t got a clue. When we moved into our home and called Charter to have the cable hooked up, we listened to a 14-year-old bearded boy tell us that there was no way he could possibly hook up our house, because it had never had cable. “Oh really?” I replied. “Then what are those black cables coming out of the wall? You know, the ones that JUST NEED TO BE HOOKED UP? The ones recently disconnected when the last family moved?” He scratched his baby beard and gave me this wise counsel: “Well, those are probably original to the house.” The house that was built in 1912. Needless to say, my husband showed him to the door and, in a couple short hours, hooked it all up himself. Then we called and told Charter we’d hooked it up so they could, umm, hook us up. That seemed to work.

  • Ralph Hanson

    As a data point. Last night my Charter Internet was down. I Tweeted about it over my phone, and within 10 minutes had an intelligent response back. Beat the heck out of calling.

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