Laughter Applies to All Ages

Previously I’ve explored the reasons as to why I laugh at certain forms of entertainment. Recent events have thrown a curve ball into my thoughts.

As one of the many Loper Programming and Activities Council planned events, a free movie was held at Kearney Cinema 8 for students. Choices were either Hop or The Lincoln Lawyer. I chose Hop because the premise intrigued me and I generally enjoy kid’s movies. Though to be honest, the main draw for me was the voicing of Russell Brand as EB, the Easter Bunny. Going in I expected low attendance for this film. After all, these are college students, but much to my surprise, the theater was packed, and when I say packed I mean every last seat was filled. So, surrounded by young adults I began my childish Easter journey. 

The film itself was enjoyable if not all that surprising or imaginative, but that’s not what interested me. I was astounded by the reaction of the late-teen to twenty-something audience.

A couple of weeks ago I went to see Gnomeo and Juliet while in Ogallala, Nebraska. It is a very small theater and altogether there were maybe 15 people in it. There were a few kids and I noticed that just listening to them laugh at parts that were only funny to a kid, made me chuckle. I’ve learned going to see movies like the most recent installment  of Shrek or Toy Story right when they come out is not a good idea unless you like to be surrounded by hundreds of kids laughing hysterically at all of the fart or booger jokes. Kids are supposed to laugh at these things. That’s why they’re there. I was leery of going to see Hop during a regular showing for that very reason. Fortunately the LPAC event came along and I thought it would be the perfect opportunity.

So the previews start. There are a few giggles here and there but nothing too loud or obnoxious. Hop begins. And so does the laughter. Every joke resulted in a chorus of guffaws from the young adult audience. I was shocked. I never thought I’d be watching a children’s movie with a crowd of only college students, much less have the crowd be more rambunctious than a group of kiddos.

Were these students laughing because everybody else was laughing? Possibly. But that’s not what it seemed like. The laughter sounded genuine and started from many different sections of the theater. These students were having fun watching a movie that is not even aimed at their demographic. A laughing audience made me happier during the movie because the atmosphere was good-natured and just ready to have a good time.


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One response to “Laughter Applies to All Ages

  • Dr. H


    I really like how you’ve continued with the development of this idea – what makes us laugh? One of the great things a blog does is give us an opportunity to keep working with a theme over a period of time.

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