Going Home

I went to Ogallala High School for my sophomore, junior and senior years. During those three years, I was highly involved with extra-curricular activities. I did choir, drama, speech and was in multiple clubs, one in which I was president. Needless to say, I was pretty busy. OHS is a fairly small school. I had about 100 in my graduating class so we all pretty much knew each other. By the time I graduated I was pretty well-acquainted with my classmates and the much of the underclassmen.

It’s been almost three years since my high school graduation and it’s funny how things have changed. I went back to my high school this weekend with some friends and saw a musical that the school was doing. “Suessical” was great but what I took away from the evening had nothing to do with the performance.

As I was looking through the musical’s program I realized just how much things change. When I graduated I realized there would be new high school students but that I wouldn’t know them came as sort of a shock. I looked through the 100 plus students in the play and realized I only knew about 10 of them and of the 10, I only really talked to 2. I started to feel dated at that point.

After the play I walked down the hallway with my friends and through the cast members lining the hall. This is probably one of the most awkward periods of my life. People surrounding us were saying “Good job!” to this or that cast member but we just kept on walking because we didn’t know them and they didn’t know us. It’s weird to think that I used to walk down that same hallway three short years ago and they knew who I was. This time I was just afraid that somebody was going to ask me which kid was mine.

This may seem like a very trivial matter and indeed it is, but in a way, going to this musical gave me a sense of closure from high school. It was fun watching the kids that will be graduating this year because I remember that feeling of invincibility that comes from being the top dog in school. I do miss it–being on stage and doing fine arts stuff, but I am also glad it’s over.

Me and two of my friends performing our version of "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" for the speech portion of the annual OHS Fine Arts Awards Banquet during my senior year of high school. (The photo is bad quality because my mom still doesn't believe in digital photography.)



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3 responses to “Going Home

  • jeffbabl

    I know exactly how you feel. My class was 65 students so we were pretty close and I knew 95% of the younger kids. Now when I go back, I know less than 50%. Even the school has changed, we have a new basketball court, updated classrooms, and many new teachers. It is crazy after only three years, I feel like a stranger back home and how much Kearney feels like home now.

  • Dr. H

    I loved the comment on not wanting to be mistaken for one of the parents! You area longways from that, though it still takes me by surprise that my oldest is a junior at UNK. The whole issue of how we grow up is a good one,

  • blumemr

    Haha, I think we are all experiencing this. I used to work at this 50’s style drive-in (The real version of Sonic). The carhops come out and take your order and bring out the food. When I go there in the summer I don’t recognize the kids who come out and my mom tells me who it is, and my response is always “They can’t work here they’re only 9.” My mom always reminds me, “They were 9 when you went to college, now they are 13 and they can have a job.”

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