Buy, buy, buy

GiftI wrote a couple of days ago about my roommate’s birthday. What I didn’t mention were the gifts that she received. I spent about $35 on her birthday presents, which is pretty typical of what I spend on people I like. Unfortunately, a bunch of people that I like are going to be needing presents soon for various reasons. Besides my roommate’s birthday presents, I bought a former roommate a Bridal Shower gift and still need to get her and her fiancée a wedding gift. Another roommate is graduating so I’ll need to get her something, and then there’s Mother’s Day.

My mom doesn’t, as she would say, “read the internet” so I have no qualms about posting my ideas for possible Mother’s Day gifts, in hopes that I can get some shopping advice. She desperately needs a new vacuum. Seeing as I do the vacuuming when I’m home, this gift may have ulterior motives, but that’s okay because she does need one. Her current one is bagged and is not upright so you have to lug it along behind you as you vacuum. Very annoying. So I was thinking about this lightweight Hoover. She needs something light and simple so this looks like perfect. Any thoughts on Hoover vacuums? I was also thinking about these candles, called Diamond Candles,  that include a diamond ring inside each candle that is valued from $10-$5,000.

My mom is easy to shop for. Less easy is my graduating roommate. I’ve bought plenty of high school graduation presents, but those are simple–laundry baskets are usually my go-to gift. What do you get for a college graduate who is moving back home? She doesn’t need home furnishings. What is proper etiquette for college graduation gifts?

Then there is my roommate that’s getting married next month. They’re registered at a couple of stores but my two other roommates were going to go more personal. Is it bad to get somebody something that’s not on their wedding gift registry?

I love buying stuff for people, I just wish I had more money to do it. There are so many possibilities, but so little cash.


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7 responses to “Buy, buy, buy

  • blumemr

    For my mom, I’m going outdoorsy and getting her a Topsy Turvy Tomato plant, who doesn’t want fresh tomatoes. YUM!
    The graduation gift is hard especially since she is moving home. Thinking of things I want for graduation is a Roladex. Maybe you could get her one and fill in some of her friends addresses. That way when she moves home she can still contact people. I think people love anything you get them for weddings, gifts are gifts. Usually weddings registry stuff is just household items, so I think that personal is ok on Wedding Gifts especially if you know them well.

  • blumemr

    P.S. I did not know about this Diamond Candle thing, so I looked it up and now I want one. Thanks for the great new item idea

  • natebski

    I like the Diamond Candle idea for my momma. Thanks for the idea cause I’m pretty sure thats what I’m gonna get her now.

  • Kristen Friesen

    Generally I maintain that anything that plugs in and reminds me of work is a bad idea for a gift, but if you do the vacuuming, that’s another thing entirely. How nice! I like the more personal idea for the wedding too. As for your friend who’s graduating and moving back home, is he/she going to be working somewhere? A fun lunch tote or work bag would be nice.

  • skylardyan

    I know there are a lot of people that haven’t bought things from our wedding registry. I don’t mind it as long as it isn’t something crazy! for instance for my shower my mom asked me what i wanted for our dining room, i replied, buy it off the registry. her kitchen is bright orange, which means she would buy anything SHE likes. as far as my sisters, i know they have good taste. So you’ll be fine, just don’t buy her something weird.

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