The “Real” World

My friends are MTV junkies. Teen Mom, Jersey Shore, Skins–they watch them all. It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of MTV or its shows, but the one that really takes the cake is The Real World. I honestly can’t watch this show because I get so angry.

If you’re not familiar with The Real World it’s about a group of young strangers that are put into a house together and of course, all kinds of idiotic events ensue. The most recent season takes place in Las Vegas. Tonight I saw part of the first episode that I’ve seen from this season and I wish I hadn’t.

This episode featured a guy who had a big secret about his past gay porn experience (and what a coincidence, that one of the residents just happened to have a past in porn). Conveniently, this guy’s girlfriend’s mother emails (yes, EMAILS) her daughter that his gay porn videos can be found online. Another roommate finds out about this on the same day. My first thought was: How did they both figure this out when apparently he had done this stuff under a different name? And they figured it out on the same day no less.

Everybody knows–or everybody should know–reality shows are not exactly real. There are writers and producers that make up a lot of what happens on these shows. What makes me mad is when these shows are so obviously set up that it could never possibly be authentic. Situations are intentionally created by producers to make “good television.” This is The Real World. 

I get into arguments with my friends about how fake these shows are but they insist that a lot of it is real. I just don’t buy it. These shows may be guilty pleasures for some but I just can’t bring myself to watch them.


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