Final Thoughts…For Now

I’m going to be honest. I was not looking forward to writing three blogs a week for 15 weeks. There was a point about halfway in where I went a little stir crazy. I recovered and continued my blogging.

Some blogs were better than others. Some stimulated thinking and some were just about my thoughts. Either way, they all took time and effort. I realized that I like being a blogger but I don’t always like blogging. It takes me forever to come up with something I find interesting enough to write about and then when I do, writer’s block sets in. Eventually though, everything always works out in the end.

I had a blog before this class started but I never found time to write. I found it much easier to write that blog though because I knew that nobody was reading it. It was kind of like my own personal cyberspace journal.

This blog is different. I know people read it, even if it’s just a few. And it’s meant a lot to have those few people comment and give me their ideas and thoughts. I’ve really enjoyed reading my classmate’s blogs and seeing what is on their minds. It’s crazy that such a small class can have such a diverse array of interests. I’ve learned a lot from this class, and (sorry Dr. Hanson) most of what I learned was from my peers.

This is why I love this UNK and the communications department. The classes are small enough that you actually get to know almost everyone in the department. At some point, it becomes more than just a class that you’re in. It becomes a community.

I look forward to continue my blogging, even if it’s just a bunch of rambling nonsense. It’s nice to know that my thoughts are getting out there for everyone to read. It’s a satisfying feeling. Thanks for reading!


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